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Greyhound racing classes

greyhound racing classes

Greyhounds that win their way out of maiden class and would normally become a Grade 5 but will now become a Grade 7. Once a greyhound wins a race as a Grade 7, it will become a Grade 6. Grade 6 greyhounds will have won no more than one race outside of Maiden Grade (excluding Qualifying Heats). These figures vary from state to state but racing can generally be divided up into Class 1 - city, Class 2 TAB class (5th grade win in NSW $), and Class 3 country class where first prizemoney may only be hundred dollars (less for maiden races). Queensland recognises 5 Classes and regards. There will be six grades of greyhounds indicated A, B, C, D, E, and M (Maiden). The winner of any race is advanced one grade until reaching grade "A". If a greyhound fails to finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in three consecutive starts (except in Grade 'D') or fails to earn more than one 3rd in four consecutive starts the same grade, that. So, in order to help people choose which dog to bet on, tracks issue a race programme when you pay entry which has information about all the dogs in each race and their most recent runs. Dolphin games download novice dog that is out of time and has previously qualified over is allowed to re-qualify over the sprint or distances. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Racing over the long distance category will not nullify a back grading sequence of races over a different grading classification. Taxpayer identifying number and another ID must be presented before payment can be. Ever worked in PR Irish?

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